We see the world differently now.

It is obvious, at this point,  there is a force let by those in power to decieve and subjugate the masses. Most of us have been decieved continuously by what some may call "The Elite" but thay are called by many names. The fact is, they don't have our best interests are at heart. Never did and is no more evident than now.


With the lockdowns and the censorship, it is evident "The Elite" want to squash and anihilate free thought as well as freedom. They are closing of avenues of freedom and lawful defense. So what do we do?


    Liberate Yourself

Educate and teach yourself the skills to live freely outside of the system that is designed to trap you in itself purposely.

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Create An Amazing Life

We will reveal tips and techniques that will improve your whole life and well being as well provide an atmosphere to do so. Free of stress. The intent is to liberate yourself in all facets of existence and still be as or more than a minimalist. We encourage those who have trades and professions as well as certifications that are useful in a seperated environment. Independent Skills in a rural environment is celebrated as well.

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Please Share our pages and posts with your friends. Preferably by Messenger at least till we get some traction.


Please support our sponsors. It is because of them and the help of our faithful donations, that something this monumental could even exist.


We are trying to purchase the dot com name. Any donation or assistance from you would be greatly appreciated. Please consider donating to this cause. Operational expenses are not inexpensive!


 We are working on tutorials on how to liberate yourself and seeking to purchase land to give and teach another avenue. You can go to our contact page to find out how you can participate personally.

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Here Is How You Can Help