Does Your Self-Esteem Level Depend on How You Treat Others?

A need is a thing which is very important for an organism to continue a healthy existence. Needs are often distinguished from desires. In the case of needs, however, a lack of the thing which gives the need causes an obvious adverse effect: a deficiency or illness. While a desire is not a defect, its absence results in certain deficiencies which are not as obvious as a deficiency in a need.

Many people who desire to survive and flourish in this world may find it hard to meet their basic needs, let alone achieve a happy and healthy life. They may result to being depressed, needy, powerless, and even commit suicide. Why is this so? The answer is very simple.

People are unable to satisfy their basic needs due to two reasons: they fail to meet a psychological need and they do not have enough love or respect from people. If you want to have a happy life, you need to first satisfy your psychology need and get rid of your psychological needs. Once you fulfill this need, you can then satisfy your social needs, which will then make you satisfied and powerful human beings. So, if you want to survive and prosper in this world, you need to first learn how to give sufficient love, attention, and time to other people who are dear to you.

The primary needs of human beings are food, clothing, shelter, and safety. Each of these needs cannot be fulfilled with our help. However, we can satisfy them with our presence. We can increase our self-esteem, respect, and power by helping other human beings. When we become responsible with our safety needs, we will be able to satisfy all our other human beings’ safety needs.

On the other hand, when we have low self-esteem and low respect for ourselves, we will tend to take advantage of other people in order to satisfy our wants. We may also put them in risk of suffering abuse, injury, or even death. In addition, if we don’t have enough shelter and safety, we may be unable to survive in this harsh world. As much as possible, we should try our best to ask children what they really want. By doing so, we will not find out that we are not giving them enough love, attention, and safety.

This may result to the weakening of our own spirit. The way we see and treat others will determine how we will act and how we will survive. Most of the time, we tend to take the actions and choices that are opposite to our true emotions. For example, if we are trying to satisfy our wants by getting more money, we will tend to compromise our principles and ethics. On the other hand, if we see children as our precious treasure and if we treat them well, we will be able to fulfill our needs and desires.