Interview Questions: How to Talk to Any Busy Executive


Interview Questions: How to Talk to Any Busy Executive

The person you are speaking to will have very little information about you, and even less about the topic you are speaking about. You need to make the absolute most out of the limited information they do have and ensure you raise their awareness to more levels. Here are some ways you can do this. You may not always be able to nail it perfectly but you can still get a lot out of these tips and tricks.

When you are speaking with a business associate you need to be careful not to talk down to them too much, because you don’t want to sound like you are speaking bad English. Rather, you want to show them that you are interested in the matter at hand and you want to be helpful in your own small way. If you are in an actual group meeting then it may be your duty – e.g. “We are all in the same boat here – I’m an accountant who wants to make the world a better place and we are here to work on that.”

When you are speaking with a business contact or potential client you want to take a positive approach, even if you are not sure what they are up to. In other words, you need to frame your questions so they have not only meaning for the person you are talking to but for you as well. For example: “Do you own a business?” rather than “What is your name?”

When you are speaking with another person you need to be cautious about the language you choose to use. Some people are really hard-workers and really punctual while others are not. If you are having a conversation with a busy executive you want to know how to talk to them like a busy executive. Rather than “What are you up to?” say “You probably work very hard and you are a real good salesperson – I just wonder what you could do for me?”

The last lead question you should ask yourself is what have you been up to? In other words, what has your day been like? In other words, how was your day going? If you have nothing much to do you are likely to start the conversation with something like “Hey, what happened?” rather than “what have you been up to?”

If you keep these few tips in mind you will be able to talk with some very busy executives. What do you think about these simple, yet effective, tips? Can you see how they can help you? These simple interview questions will help you create a good fit with almost any busy executive. Remember to practice the conversation as many times as possible before you have your real interview.