Need and Its Importance

Human beings are motivated by a hierarchy of needs. These needs are categorized into physical, psychological, and social categories. Each need is important to the organism, and must be met at a certain level before higher levels of needs are satisfied. This hierarchy is not fixed; it can vary depending on the environment and individual differences. Many people find that they have more than one basic need, and this is why the need for structure is a common factor in many types of behavior.


A necessity is a condition that a person or thing must have in order to live a healthy, stable, or happy life. It is different from a want, which is a wish. A need must be met for an organism to live a stable and safe life. A want, on the other hand, is a desire. In some cases, a need can be an economic demand. If a person is desperate, they may feel the need for money.

The need for money is a universal need, and it can be expressed in any situation. The need to have food is a need for a farmer, while the need for affection is a need for a child. If a person feels that he/she needs money, it is a need for food. In a situation that requires love, a child may feel the need for attention. A need for affection is an example of a need for affection.

A need for money is a basic human need. It is essential for the survival of a person or a group of people. A need may be present or future, and can be fulfilled. The need for money is the most common example of a need. The need for food is an important linguistic feature of a society. The need for money is one of the factors that make people go through financial hardships. While the need for a job is an important factor in life, it is not a necessity for life.

The need for money is a fundamental human need. The need for money is a fundamental human desire. In general, we have the need for money in order to live. However, our basic needs are not the same. For example, a person may have multiple needs for food, but he might need a child who has an emotional need for love. These are examples of need and its importance. These are the factors that affect the quality of life.

A need is an emotional need that a person has for something. It may be a physical need or a mental need. It is a general desire that a person has for a specific object. A need for money can be very important to someone. It is necessary to have sufficient funds to buy things. Need for money can be a source of frustration for a person. When a person has a need for a product, they may be experiencing a similar need for a tangible thing.