What Is Love?

The word “love” is most commonly used to describe the intense feelings of love, passion, or infatuation. These feelings can be intense and difficult to describe in words. They can also cause a person to feel constantly missing someone or become unable to concentrate. Another definition for love is that it creates a picture in one’s head of the other person that is ideal and beautiful. It’s interesting to note that there is an additional spiritual and religious meaning to love.


The word “love” comes from Greek words eros, agape, and agape. St. Thomas Aquinas defined love as the strong desire to do something or achieve an aim in another’s life. Although many people have different definitions of love, they agree that it’s an emotional state and is essential to a fulfilling relationship. Despite its complexity, most people would agree that it’s important to have a strong desire to love others.

Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment. This emotion is often a result of the strong bond that a person shares with another person. Some people describe this kind of feeling as Agape love. It’s unconditional and does not change based on what a person does. In fact, it exists in all things, including animals, principle, or religion. A person who experiences Agape love is likely to be very close to their child, but it is not necessary to be emotionally close to them.

The Greeks believed that Agape love was the highest form of love. This kind of love is unrelenting and never fades despite actions. It’s a powerful emotion that is shared by both the giver and receiver. It is the same type of love that exists between parents and their children. A parent’s unconditional affection for their child can be described as Agape love. It is also the same kind of love that God has for his children.

The Greeks referred to love with several words. The Greek word for “agape” means “love is an emotion of intense affection. In Christianity, love is a feeling of deep personal attachment and is a common goal in relationships. It can also be a bond between two people, but it can only happen with people that you truly love. You can’t help but be attracted to someone who possesses this feeling. And, while you may have a certain person who has an exceptional physical appearance, the other person may be far more talented or attractive.

The Greeks defined love as “warm, personal attachment and deep affection.” According to these definitions, love is a deep feeling of attachment to another person or thing. This is called Agape love. It is a kind of unconditional love. However, it is often characterized by a lack of commitment. A partner who is passionate about someone can develop a deeper relationship than a person who simply loves their pet. A lover’s affection and attention are both mutually beneficial.