Learn English Online – You – The Plural Form of the Personal Pronoun


The personal pronoun you is a plural form of the second-person pronoun. It was historically used only in the dative case, but is now used for all cases and numbers. It is not used as an adverb in the same way as the noun it replaces. In modern English, the plural form is often used before nouns, while you is the second-person singular. The plural forms of you include yous and yourself.

Youse is a plural form of you, of Irish origin. It is most commonly used in urban centers in the North, and is not used in more educated speech. You guys is a common informal plural of you that is not associated with any region and is in flux among some populations. You guys is used in informal speech by people who adopted the plural form in the 1980s. In informal speech, it is used for both men and women without regard to gender.

The first season of You premiered on Lifetime in September 2018. The story centers on the exploits of a bookstore manager who becomes a serial killer. The series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a man who becomes obsessed with murder and the bodies he kills. The actors portraying Joe Goldberg include Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, and Shay Mitchell. You will be able to watch the second season of this thriller-thriller on Lifetime in December 2019.

You should also be aware of the different spellings of homophones. Because you are learning English online, you’ll be challenged by homophones that differ in pronunciation. Native English speakers may not recognize the difference between the homophones, especially if they are being used in an informal document. When you spell check, it may not catch the errors. If you’re unsure, ask a native English speaker for assistance. Then, go for the second round!

The second round of changes took place in English. During the Early Modern period, you and eow ceased to be used as the first person singular in many instances. Then, you began to become the subject pronoun, and thee and thou became less common. This loss of thee and thou displaced the first two forms of the language. You for the singular continued to be used in informal situations until the 18th century, although it lost its social and political respectability. During this time, special plural forms were devised to prevent you from becoming the standard.

ME Diagnosis


ME can affect anyone from young children to middle-aged adults, and it’s estimated that one million Americans have it. Although women are more likely to develop ME, people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic status are susceptible to the disease. Children as young as 10 years old can be affected as well, which makes it more difficult to determine the prevalence. Unfortunately, most medical providers aren’t aware of the disorder, so diagnosis is often difficult.

ME symptoms can vary greatly from one patient to the next. Some people have very mild disease, while others have more severe symptoms. Patients with ME often experience significant fluctuations in their physical and cognitive functioning. Some people experience relapses, which can lead to permanent worsening of their condition. Although ME is not contagious, it can be fatal if not treated in time. While there are numerous treatment options available, doctors believe that proper diagnosis is key to the successful treatment of the disease.

The CDC’s website for ME/CFS includes several recommendations based on the Institute of Medicine. Patients should be assessed for frequency and severity of symptoms. If symptoms are not present 50% of the time, a diagnosis of ME/CFS should be questioned. Alternatively, a doctor can conduct tests to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms, including anaemia, underactive thyroid gland, liver and kidney disease. While these tests are not necessary for diagnosis of ME/CFS, they are helpful in determining whether a patient is suffering from it.

The Institute of Medicine has recommended a new name for the disease in the United States and to give it a clinical definition. The recommendations were generally well received in medical journals, but a recent study by Jason et al (2015) analyzed these proposals in a more critical way. The majority of the public in the United Kingdom reject the new name for ME. The new name has been suggested by a government advisory committee but most people do not accept it.

The World Health Organisation classifies ME as a neurological disorder, and most doctors accept it as a diagnosis. The disease can affect multiple body systems, and the symptoms vary from person to person. Most patients experience an initial infection and then develop a relapsing illness. A World Health Organization report states that a ten percent chance of developing ME is in people with a serious illness. The number of ME patients is estimated at 15-30 million worldwide.

Doctors have no specific cure for ME/CFS. However, doctors can help patients with the symptoms of ME/CFS by modifying their daily activities. This type of therapy breaks up activity into short bursts and rest periods, and aims to leave the patient feeling rested at the end of the day. In addition to pacing, there are some medicines available that can help those suffering from ME/CFS. The best way to get a diagnosis is to talk to your doctor, who will probably be able to give you a diagnosis.