New Song by John Entwistle

The use of “you” in an imperative sentence is quite common. You see it all the time in television commercials. It is used very often as a polite way to ask someone for their assistance. The good I’m fine, thank you is nice to use if you do not want to actively pursue the interaction. For example, if you are in a store and a cashier at the checkout counter asks you for your assistance, you could simply give that answer as a polite gesture.


However, its definitely a conversational stopper, unless you know someone who is black or Latino who is doing the asking. This is why knowing the race or ethnic background of the other person can be very useful to break the ice. If you know someone who is of a different race from you but also of a different cultural background from you, it can be very helpful to know how they might be offended by something you have said or done. Especially if you have already started a conversation with another person who may be of a different race than you, the subtle racial comment could easily get lost in the heat of the moment and never be heard again.

“You are such a talented singer” is a phrase you hear a lot in the music of today. I wonder what artists of tomorrow will think of the phrase “You are such a talented singer”. I bet some of them will be using it in their lyrics. It conveys that you have a great sense of songwriting. However, I don’t really know John Entwistle’s view on this issue. I’m only guessing.

In his new song “Your Honor”, John Entwistle seems to take his ideas a bit more in depth. Instead of just saying you are a talented singer, he takes the reader into a private meditation with some enlightening comments. He even tells us his belief that music must change. In an age where most music is pretty much carbon copy, he states, “I’m fed up of hearing the same old things.” And he gives an alternative view of what music must change to be more interesting.

As a writer, John Entwistle must be trying to get people to pay more attention to him and listen to his music. After all, the last few records that I heard him on were very forgettable and the subject matter did not captivate me. But then, maybe he needs to be more creative with his lyrics if he wants to make an impact. “You are such a talented singer / You have the gift of imagination…” Perhaps listeners of new song by daltrey lead vocals will be more enthralled with this collection because of all the deep and meaningful lyrics.

In summary, I liked this collection more than previous ones by daltrey and bundrick. The stories and quality of writing are high standard and worth your money. This collection contains songs about love, moving, and insecurity that will stick in your head. Overall, this is a must-read for all music lovers.