How Do We Define Love? What Are the Different Types of Love?

Love is the feeling that you give and receive or the feeling that someone gives and receives. It is also the awareness of the bond of love between two people, one who gives and receives love, and the other who receives it. In my opinion, love is more than a feeling; it is a practice that will bring about an emotional bond in your life with someone special.


Love encompasses a wide range of positive and powerful emotional states, from the strongest interpersonal bond or highest ideals, to the easiest natural, enjoyable pleasure. Love is also an attitude of gratitude toward someone or something. This sense of gratitude can be expressed both verbally and non-verbally–by raising one’s hand or arm, smiling broadly, laughing, and so on. Love is also about feeling beautiful, cherished, valued, accepted, and lovable. Love feels good; therefore, you are able to love someone and you will also enjoy being loved.

Love is a form of intimacy. Intimacy is the conscious recognition of another person or animal’s unique power, value, and position in the relationship. It is a state of being close, of sharing the same space, or body, as another person or animal. Intimacy is a union of the body, mind, and spirit. When we are close to others we begin to experience what Joseph Campbell called our “intimate feeling for others.”

The best definition of love is the “unconditional love of a friend.” Unconditional love: this means “there is no demand or expectation of repayment” (ibid). I would define true love as “the respect, caring, emotional support, and personal energy that a person gives another in return for that person’s respect, caring, support, and personal energy.” In my view, true love is the opposite of lust. True love gives a person respect, appreciation, and emotional energy.

The best definition of love includes feelings, which can be very powerful, yet even stronger than the physical aspects of relationships. Emotions are powerful when they are felt, accepted, and utilized in a healthy way, but emotions can get out of hand if they are used compulsively. These compulsions can negatively impact the physical health, and well-being, of a person. As well, compulsions can destroy relationships, marriages, and family.

Love is not always easy. It requires strong feelings, intimacy, respect, and protection from anger and aggression. We have to learn to be quiet and serene when we are in love. There are different types of love, although most of them begin with intimacy and caring. As you continue to read on, you will learn more about the different types of love, and how these different types of love include feelings, intimacy, respect, protection, and passion.

Finding or Fulfilling Your Need


Finding or Fulfilling Your Need

A need is a thing which is needed for an organism to survive. However, needs are different from desires. In the case of a desire, a lack of it causes an apparent bad outcome: disease or death. However, in the case of needs, there is no obvious need which could be satisfied.

One example of needs could be found by contrasting the need to eat with the desire to eat. If you want to eat something, you will have to search and discover what is available to satisfy your hunger. If you were given only cans of food, you could search until you found a can with the correct nutrition for your body. If you were given nothing at all, you would have to find some other thing to satisfy your hunger. This process takes time and it could be tedious.

On the other hand, if you desire to eat something, the hunger pangs are already known and you can find something which satisfies your need. It’s easy to locate. The difficulty comes in defining precisely what you need. You may desire to wear a particular dress, to eat healthy food, to write a letter, or to go to Europe. Yet, at the moment you don’t really need anything which would satisfy those needs.

So how do we define need and desire? The answer lies in psychology. In psychology, you need something which satisfies a need that you are failing to satisfy by using your imagination or your will power. If you are short of imagination, you will be inclined to use money to satisfy your need.

Conversely, a person who has enough imaginations will tend to use his will power to satisfy a need which he (or she) isn’t able to satisfy by thinking about it. A person with great imaginations, as the dictionary definition suggests, is “a person who has vast imaginations”. These people can do things that would seem impossible. For example: a person can conceive of an apple in his mind, and he can buy one in reality. It doesn’t really matter if the apple wasn’t available in real life – what matters is that the person made up his mind to buy it, in his imagination.

There is no way to predict exactly what you need. If you don’t know what you need, then you can’t satisfy it. Therefore, you must first determine your need and then use your imagination to find something which will satisfy that need. The most successful entrepreneurs, the people who have succeeded against all odds to satisfy need, have generally used their imagination to find or invent something that would satisfy that need.

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Interview Questions: How to Talk to Any Busy Executive


Interview Questions: How to Talk to Any Busy Executive

The person you are speaking to will have very little information about you, and even less about the topic you are speaking about. You need to make the absolute most out of the limited information they do have and ensure you raise their awareness to more levels. Here are some ways you can do this. You may not always be able to nail it perfectly but you can still get a lot out of these tips and tricks.

When you are speaking with a business associate you need to be careful not to talk down to them too much, because you don’t want to sound like you are speaking bad English. Rather, you want to show them that you are interested in the matter at hand and you want to be helpful in your own small way. If you are in an actual group meeting then it may be your duty – e.g. “We are all in the same boat here – I’m an accountant who wants to make the world a better place and we are here to work on that.”

When you are speaking with a business contact or potential client you want to take a positive approach, even if you are not sure what they are up to. In other words, you need to frame your questions so they have not only meaning for the person you are talking to but for you as well. For example: “Do you own a business?” rather than “What is your name?”

When you are speaking with another person you need to be cautious about the language you choose to use. Some people are really hard-workers and really punctual while others are not. If you are having a conversation with a busy executive you want to know how to talk to them like a busy executive. Rather than “What are you up to?” say “You probably work very hard and you are a real good salesperson – I just wonder what you could do for me?”

The last lead question you should ask yourself is what have you been up to? In other words, what has your day been like? In other words, how was your day going? If you have nothing much to do you are likely to start the conversation with something like “Hey, what happened?” rather than “what have you been up to?”

If you keep these few tips in mind you will be able to talk with some very busy executives. What do you think about these simple, yet effective, tips? Can you see how they can help you? These simple interview questions will help you create a good fit with almost any busy executive. Remember to practice the conversation as many times as possible before you have your real interview.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What Are the Symptoms of ME?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis or myalgia is an illness caused by a deficiency in the body’s natural capability to heal itself. When this happens, the body’s immune systems become overwhelmed and cannot fight off the infection as well as it should. This leads to swelling, pain and mental confusion. A person with ME/Cfs often has tingling and numbness in many parts of the body.


The human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS. Recently, researchers think that the virus may also affect the cells in our immune system that regulate the body’s ability to combat infection. Researchers have also found that there might be some genetic links between ME/Cfs and the way our immune systems react to HIV. The main article continues below.

ME/Cfs is a disease that affects several areas of the central nervous system, primarily the kidney, heart, lungs, bones and muscles. In recent years, doctors have identified several symptoms associated with ME/Cfs that are similar to those seen in multiple sclerosis patients. Common symptoms include chronic muscle and joint pain, fatigue, altered brain chemistry and altered perception of external stimuli. ME/Cfs is a fatal disease, even though it is relatively uncommon. The main article below continues below. It was written to inform readers of the current status of ME/Cfs research.

Scientists have not yet completely explained what causes ME/Cfs, but it does appear that multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are at a greater risk for developing this condition than healthy individuals. Scientists know that MS is a type of chronic illness, which means that patients can have outbreaks of acute attacks that last for months or even years. These outbreaks can be triggered by many different things, and many of them are still being researched. But the disease appears to target the nervous system, which is what underlies normal activities such as hearing, seeing, touch, swallowing, breathing and moving. Once the messages from the nerve cells reach the brain, they float from there and can trigger either physical or psychological symptoms in the patient.

In addition to the chronic fatigue and other symptoms, scientists believe they have identified ME/Cfs symptoms that may also be present in other illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, Parkinsons disease, stroke, meningitis and cerebral palsy. Scientists have found that ME/Cfs can share some genetic factors with several of these diseases. They believe the interplay between genes, the immune system and toxins may lead to a “leaky” nervous system that allows toxicants to enter the blood stream and affect the functions of the other organs in the body, causing fatigue, poor concentration and other serious symptoms. ME/Cfs may be brought about by a combination of several factors, including: genetics, viruses, bacteria, brain inflammation, environmental exposure, stress and diet.

If you have persistent, ongoing feelings of discomfort or weakness without any reason to expect an underlying physical cause, this may be ME/Cfs. Other illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome often mimic ME/Cfs, but their symptoms are usually different and easier to detect. The best way to determine for sure whether you have ME/Cfs is to undergo a complete physical examination by a physician experienced in these illnesses. A diagnosis of ME/Cfs can be made if ME/Cfs symptoms are present and can be treated if found in advanced stages. For more information about these disorders, visit the website Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Help.

Euro Chart Hot 100 – The Best Place To Meet People For Love And Dating

What exactly is love? Love is a relationship characterized by emotional intimacy, commitment, passion, and reliance. It involves emotional care, closeness, devotion, affection, trust, and appreciation. Love can range from intense emotional love to platonic love.


To be classified as experiencing romantic love is not the same as being in love with another person. Romantic love is more intimate and passionate than other forms of love. It is also usually characterized by the search for another person. In this case, the other person is usually not human or a child. In most cases, this form of love does not include the desire to have children or a spouse.

While some people may still think that love and marriage is more common than they are in the UK, official charts indicate that there is some shift in the trends. The Office for National Statistics revealed that in the last year, 5.5 percent of all marriages in the UK were between married people who had entered into a civil partnership. This means that about one million people in the UK have entered into civil partnerships.

As the number of marriages is on the rise, the number of those who have been divorced is also on the rise. Official charts have revealed that in the last decade, 5.2 percent of all weddings in the UK have resulted in divorce. Some couples have divorced due to cultural differences or a lack of intimacy while others divorce due to different reasons such as financial problems. As the number of divorces is increasing, more studies are being carried out in order to determine why people get divorced. Official charts on the net provide information on the marriage and divorce statistics in the UK.

The top five countries that comprise the top 40 list on the netherlands (no. 50) are Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, The Netherlands and Spain. The next five on the list of countries with the most marriages are: Belgium, Cyprus, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic. The United Kingdom, which is situated in the middle of Europe and is bordered by Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, forms the other end of this cross section of Europe.

The Netherlands is the place where the Netherlands top 40 countries are found. The top four countries are divided between the Netherlands themselves, the Belgian region and the rest of the continent. The netherlands (no. 50) have the highest number of marriages, which stands out in comparison to other parts of Europe.

Who Needs Shelters?

A need is a thing which is needed for an organisms survival. Needs are differentiated from wants though needs may also be defined as desires. In the case of a need there is a deficiency and in case of desire there is often an abundance. A person with the ability to do one thing but not another is not in need; he is lacking in a want.

However, in case of desires the opposite happens: abundance is possessed. Desires are self-satisfying and hence the satisfaction is sought by one person by satisfying another. A want is not a need because it does not define the complete whole or rather it defines one aspect of the whole. For example, desire for fame and success does not define the totality of the person’s being, but only the aspect of becoming famous and rich. So the desire for fame and success is not a need.

Therefore, we can say that needs are small amounts of things that are required in order to bring about a good life quality and happiness. Needs are things which are desirable and are required so that people can fulfill their wants and become happy. For example, in a household there are food and clothing, but these are not real needs because food and clothing do not last for a long time, and are therefore not wanted. They are wants, but are not needed. Similarly, thirst and need for water are desires, but they last only for a short time, so thirst and need for water are not needs, although they are wanted.

Thus, needs and desires are two different aspects of life. But they are interdependent on each other. One cannot exist without the other. This dependency is also reflected in between-self relationship. One cannot exist without the other and if one wants to have shelter, then he has to fulfill his wants by having shelter. In this way, needs and desires are interdependent, and a person cannot live without his basic needs and desires.

However, the question is that whether or not humans need shelter, and if yes, how much is the need. For instance, we know that shelter protects us from the cold and rains. In this sense, it is necessary, but it is not sufficient. On the other hand, it is argued that there is no such thing as total need because the physiological and psychological needs of man cannot be measured in monetary units, for they are qualitative.

Nevertheless, this argument is not convincing because there are some parts of human life which cannot be measured in monetary terms, for they cannot be measured in physiological needs, since these cannot be measured. The existence of shelter is an empirical fact, and it is not denied by any philosopher. It can be said that the only part of life, which can be measured in monetary units, is the need for shelter. Therefore, it is argued that humans need shelter in the sense of being able to survive financially, which is a part of our basic needs.

How Do You Say “You Are”? A British Guide to Formal Grammar


How Do You Say “You Are”? A British Guide to Formal Grammar

In American English the word you is replaced by various other forms to indicate the difference between plural and singular. You-alls is a commonly used form in the South Midland, Appalachia and Southern United States. You-in is also common in informal speech. The form you-in seems to be most frequent in informal speech.

In British English the use of you is more or less directed at the singular you. You is used for describing individuals and groups (as in you are man and you are woman) and when referring to a single person (you are a man). You is also used in a predicative expression, as in you are going away. You is rarely used in the absolute, as in you are going to get divorced. The pronoun you-all in a sentence indicates the gender of the person speaking, although it can also be used with the pronouns they/hers/his and they/hers.

In British English, you is usually softened into ye or we and you is retained as you. In many cases, you is used in place of ye (I, you, we) when describing something indefinite. Some examples, though, are you being hit (ye hits), he/she is being hit (he/she is being hit) and the singular you is used in reference to someone definite (a person).

In American English, you is usually softened into you and it is usually considered masculine (itself). When describing a person, you may use a neuter pronoun (they, them, he/she), but if you want to describe an object, you can use a masculine pronouns, as in they are (itself), they have (it is) or they are (it is). The pronoun you is not used in these sentences, because you is used in a predicative expression and is considered a Singular Pronoun. In most contexts, you is used as a Plural Pronoun in an adjectival expression.

In British English, you is usually softened into he/she and used in a relative or independent construction, as in this example, he/she is my friend. When describing something indefinite, you can use the comparative or superlative forms of the noun. In the relative clause, you can use the comparative pronoun, as in this example, They are more than three. In a superlative clause, you use the superlative form, as in This man is much better than you. The use of the relative and the superlative is very common in the United States, but less so in Britain.

In many cases, you need to adjust your language to suit the local language, and you can do this by understanding the gender system of your language. In the British English language, you usually need to soften the singular pronoun (we) in order to fit the gender of the verb (be). When you are in the United States, the singular pronoun (you) is allowed to be masculine or feminine, as it is in every other language. If you have the feeling that you are being used incorrectly when using the singular you pronouns, you can soften it up by remembering that in some contexts the plural and the masculine forms of you are used interchangeably, so there is no reason not to use one form of you-all or you-alone.

Criteria for the Diagnosis of ME/CFS

Millions of people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) each year and many are left wondering if there is anything they can do about it. Fortunately for those who suffer from this debilitating condition, there is a cure that has been developed by scientists. Unfortunately, in the past, this cure has not been widely known among sufferers.


The hallmark of this condition is an worsening of clinical symptoms 24 hours after moderate or severe mental or physical activity, which may leave patients bed ridden for days or even weeks. In addition, symptoms can be worsened by stress and frustration, and other symptoms can include headaches, memory loss, irritability, depression, loss of appetite or weight gain, depression and anxiety. In addition, symptoms can be worsened by alcohol or drugs. Despite the fact that most sufferers complain of feeling fatigued and weak when not active, one must remember that inactivity does not necessarily cause CFS. Often, it is the symptoms of fatigue that are the real problem.

A medical practitioner who is skilled in CFS should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis. This type of illness has several different types, but the most common is called interstitial lung disease (ILD), which is caused by repeated episodes of coughing and wheezing accompanied by fever, chills and shortness of breath. Other ILD-related symptoms include bone and joint pain, fever, swollen glands, headaches and cognitive problems such as confusion and memory loss.

Because the symptoms of ME/CFS are varied, a proper diagnosis involves a combination of diagnostic testing and systematic reviews of patient symptoms and past medical history. Blood tests are typically required to look for inflammation, neutering and any other problems that could be associated with this illness. The physician also performs a physical examination of the face and torso, takes urine and blood samples, and orders laboratory tests. These tests will help the physician determine if the symptoms in the patients are consistent with those of ILD or another disease.

ME/CFS can have a number of causes, some of which are still being researched. Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, and elsewhere are conducting studies to determine what biological mechanisms are involved in causing this condition. Treatments vary from the simple to the more involved, and patients can be treated on a case-by-case basis. Alternative treatments like homeopathy and acupuncture are also becoming popular options. As researchers find more ways of treating the neurological issues of myalgic encephalomyelitis, more research centers are looking into this condition for new treatment options.

In conclusion, a thorough and accurate diagnosis of ME/CFS can greatly improve a person’s chances of getting additional support for their illness. If you or someone you know shows even one of the symptoms of this disease, see a physician for a thorough work-up to rule out any other diseases. Once the cause of this disease is known, additional research will go into finding cures for this disease and better ways of dealing with it.

Understanding the Different Components of Love


Understanding the Different Components of Love

Love is an emotion that permeates the world. You can feel it in your home, in the park, and even in the air you breathe. This universal emotion is the reason love is known as the “greatest good.” However, love is a tricky concept to define because it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is. When you finally understand the different components of love then you can understand how to love more effectively.

Love encompasses a wide variety of positive and powerful emotional states, from the deepest personal virtue or vice, to the greatest imaginable pleasure, or just the best day ever. However, the two components that make up love are opposite in nature; whereas, lust is based on lust, love is often based on love. Lust is based on lust, and is just that – desire. However, love is a feeling that emanate out of love, and the two feel as one but unlike lust which can last for just a short time, love lasts a lifetime. Therefore, one can not be “loved” and at the same time be “loved.”

As mentioned earlier, love includes strong feelings, and these feelings must be allowed to flourish. Love is just a feeling, if one does not allow it to grow, develop and thrive. Strong feelings in a relationship are sometimes known as a possessive feeling. Possessive feelings are those intense emotions that when one has them, they force the other person to feel them and experience them as well.

Another component of love that must be nurtured is romance. Romance allows two people to experience the attraction with each other. Just like strong feelings in a relationship, romance allows two people to spend time together. Although this is one of the components of romantic love that can last only a short period of time, romance allows for two people to spend time together forming a deep and meaningful relationship.

Lastly, love may also be understood through humor. Humor helps us laugh and gets us through tough times. In a relationship, love may be defined through humor, as two people who love each other find ways to lighten the mood between them and to make the day more enjoyable. There is an old saying that says, “The heart wants what the mind wants.” This may simply mean that the more you let love dictate your relationship, the healthier you will be.

Lastly, love may also be defined through other forms of emotional bonding. Emotional bonding is especially important in a relationship. Love forms love relationships, and affection is the glue that keeps the relationship strong and continues to grow.