What Are You Going to Achieve by Writing This New Song by John Entwistle?


What Are You Going to Achieve by Writing This New Song by John Entwistle?

Have you ever been so excited to meet someone that you forget some simple etiquette steps to ensure that you both have a great time? Or maybe you’re such a snob that you can’t wait to meet someone but don’t know how to start the conversation. Either of these situations can be avoided by simply remembering a few simple rules.

One of the most important things you can do before an interview is to become aware of one very important thing: Common interviewing mistakes. You probably realize that they happen in real life, but you can use common sense to prevent them from happening on your job! If you’ve met someone in person before, simply ask him or her this question: “Tell me a little about yourself?” If the person you’re talking to has never met you in person before, don’t even bother starting the conversation! Just go right back to what you were doing when the person came into the room.

Another common interview mistake is asking questions like “what’s your role in the band?” or “how long have you been playing with this band?” This is a big one! John Entwistle often leads a band and people ask questions like “when did you start playing guitar?” or “when did you start backing vocals?” Instead of leading the interview with an answer like “what are you doing now,” go with something like, “you played lead on a couple of our albums.” John Entwistle is a master at this, and it’s a common question that get a lot of qualified candidates passed over.

One of the more annoying interview questions you may hear to fill out the form often involves something about the new song you’re working on. Some people are asked if they can sing it live. This is quite a boring question, but you don’t want to say no because there’s a chance that you could end up on stage with Daltrey while he’s singing your song. You definitely don’t want to say yes, so just tell them you’re thinking about it and then mention that if they can sing live, then you think it’d be cool to be their backup singer for the new song.

When asked “what are you hoping to accomplish by writing this new song?” you’ll be asked to give a definition of that phrase. John Entwistle often uses a line from one of his famous poems to describe what you hope to accomplish. An example would be something like, “the beauty of a woman is her charm, her beauty shines in my heart.” If you’re hoping to become more memorable to your audience, this quote from John Entwistle could help you with your goal. The most important thing is that you know you’re writing something for your audience and not just for yourself.

One of the biggest songs of all time, “Bebop” by Elvis was written by two men who were close to the King, as John Entwistle was an old friend of King’s. In the song, Elvis calls out Johnnie B. Goode as his hero, and entitle adds, “I’m a loyal friend, I’m a good husband and I’m a good lover, too.” Those three phrases could apply to you if you were looking to be a role model for your children someday. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, famous or obscure, male or female, everyone has a right to be who they are. By using these lines from John Entwistle, by writing and reading this famous Elvis song, you could be making a positive impact on future generations as well as on yourself.