Theory of Hierarchy and Job Security

Have you ever felt like you just need some extra guidance in your relationships? Need definition. An example of need for definition is wanting a new pair of socks because they are your favorite. An example of need for definition is needing a particular pair of socks because you have no socks to wear. The need for definition can be fulfilled with these three tools: friends, family and the dictionary.


A lot of people would say that having a good friend is necessary for a person to survive. Even if you do not have a friend, family or even a family member you would definitely have a few people who you would come across in the course of your daily life. The reason why you would need a few people to help you out is because no one can do everything. Even death would not be able to take care of everyone. As such, a friend is indispensable.

Next on the list of essentials is shelter. Human beings need shelter to survive. Even if you are alone, even if the earth is cold and barren and you are in need of a place where you can sleep, eat, and breathe in, you still will not be able to survive without shelter.

One of the most basic needs is food. There are many people who do not even know how to cook food. If this is the case, then at least you can avail of a grocery. However, not many people know what a grocery even is. A grocery is a place where you can buy the necessities for yourself and the other members of your family.

The third basic need that is essential for survival is a job security. There are people who are able to meet their basic needs by having a job. If you do not have a job, you cannot survive. This is why it is essential for you to find a way through which you can secure a job.

The fourth component is the physiological needs. You cannot survive without a sufficient amount of food. However, when looking for a job, your prospective employer is looking for more than just your physical needs. Most employers also want to know your psychological needs as well. In other words, they want to see if you have the ability to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive for work. In other words, if you want a job that allows you to be comfortably employed for the rest of your life, you need to consider the theory of hierarchy.