The Definition of Love

We can all feel the pleasure of love. It is the highest form of human affection, a state of mind that encompasses the simplest pleasures and the most sublime virtues. It is one of the best habits that we can develop in our life. When we feel love for another person, we are expressing a feeling of mutual attachment. We are saying that we love each other. But what is the definition of love? How can we define it?


According to the dictionary, love is a powerful emotion – a warm, personal attachment fueled by the desire to pragmatic play and receive. This feeling of affection is often expressed through acts of affection, such as loving a child. In a relationship, the object of the love is a person whom the lover does not need to reciprocate. The object of love is a sexy object, and the object is regarded as beautiful. This kind of love is often characterized by physical attraction and lack of commitment.

The definition of love by St. Thomas Aquinas is very clear. The term means wanting the good of the other. It is also a Christian’s obligation to love both enemies and fellow Christians. The definition explains why we are required to love even our enemies. This attitude is a sign of Christian love and should be cultivated in our relationships. In order to live a good life, we should seek to love everyone, including our enemies.

The word love is hard to define, but most people agree on the strong feelings of affection that accompany it. There are many different types of love, including romantic love and platonic love. It is important to note that love has many forms, which include both physical and spiritual. The triangular theory of passion has the highest definition of love, but does not explain why some people are attracted to certain types of men. It is important to remember that there are different kinds of love, and that it depends on the context.

In ancient languages, love is associated with different types of emotion. For instance, a person who is uncomfortable with intimacy may have an eros love style. A person who is high on dark traits, on the other hand, might have a mania or ludus love style. A person in this category also values time together, as it is a necessity of life. The language of love can be described in many ways. A lover who is emotionally attached to another human being has a strong connection with this other.

The term “love” has many different definitions. Infatuation is a feeling of attraction that is unrelated to sexual attraction. A person who loves a person can express it in several ways. It can be a physical attachment, a sense of a shared purpose, or an impersonal emotion. In fact, there are two types of love: passionate love and compassionate love. It is characterized by a person’s commitment, and a loving relationship.