Understanding the Definition of Need

A need is a requisite for a healthy life. It is distinguished from wants. When a person lacks a need, the outcome is a clear negative outcome. A lack of a need can result in dysfunction or even death. This is why we define a need as a necessity for human health. However, not all things in life are needs. For example, a person may not need a good-looking boyfriend or a nice-looking girlfriend. But a lack of a good friend can lead to a very unhappy relationship.


Bradshaw defined need as the need to meet a basic need. It can be felt or expressed, a need is something that is urgent and needs to be met immediately. In addition, a need can be comparative to another person’s need. In general, a need can be a fundamental human need. It is essential to understand how your needs differ from others. This will help you decide what kind of need to pursue. If you are unsure about which one of these is the right one for you, check out our video on the definitions of need.

The term ‘need’ has many different meanings. In the literature, a need is a perceived need to satisfy a desired outcome or desire. Generally, a need is a feeling state that is triggered by an objective need. In Bradshaw’s definition, a need is a subjective state that initiates the selection process of medical resources. There is also a qualitative difference between needs and drives. The need is a universal human need that affects all individuals.

The first definition of a need is normative. This need is felt or expressed by a person. This type of need is more easily perceived by a person. For example, a woman may feel a need for breast enhancement, but she may not have a need for breast implants or a coronary bypass surgery. In both cases, the need is an explicit assessment of a person’s effectiveness. But the meaning of a need for a certain item or service is not determined by how well it benefits the individual.

The second definition is defined as a basic need for an individual. In most cases, a need is related to a physiological need. It is often a ‘basic need’. Other definitions include the need for food, clothing, shelter, and health. In a general sense, a need is a need for food, clothing, or an object. When a person has a need for food, the need is the desire to improve its quality of life.

The second definition of a need is a need that is not directly related to the actual physical needs of the individual. These types of needs are often related to basic psychological and physiological needs. In a more specific sense, a need is a desire to increase the level of happiness, health, or safety. In other words, a need is an expression of the need. A need is the desire to improve one’s life. A need can be a need for a specific object.