You – What is the Pronoun for You?

You can be used to refer to any group of people. It is most commonly used in the United States, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast. It is also used in some parts of Canada and Australia. It has been supplemented with additional forms, and varies in gender usage. Informally, you’ll sometimes see you-all and you-uns in conversation, and you can also use you-alls and you-uns for plural groups.


If you’re not sure what pronoun to use, you can refer to yourself as “you.” It’s used in the second person and is grammatically plural. It was historically used only in the dative case, but today, it is used in all cases and numbers. If you’re using the plural form, you’ll want to remember that the dative case has an exception. Nevertheless, if you’re not a person, you can still refer to yourself as “you,” if the plural form is used.

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