Symptoms and Treatments of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

People with ME have symptoms that make them appear to be in poor health, even if their blood tests don’t reveal any abnormalities. However, they are unable to do everyday tasks, and many spend years trying to get a diagnosis. It is estimated that one million Americans suffer from ME. While the disease affects women more frequently than men, people of all ages and races can develop it. Children younger than ten are often impacted by ME, making its prevalence hard to determine.


Symptoms of ME may come on suddenly after a medical procedure, infection, or hormonal change. However, it can also progress slowly. Adults with ME typically experience worsening post-exertional malaise, unrefreshing sleep, and cognitive problems. They may also suffer from orthostatic intolerance. Children and teens with ME may have difficulty regulating their body temperature, pain, or dizziness. In many cases, doctors can’t identify the underlying cause.

While ME is a chronic illness, it can be treated. Treatments for ME range from dietary supplements to exercise and acupuncture. There is no cure for ME, but patients can live a fulfilling life with it. It’s important to get adequate support from a professional, and organizations listed below can help patients find the right treatment. In the meantime, you can contact a doctor who is familiar with the symptoms and possible treatments. It’s essential to get a diagnosis.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a disorder of the central nervous system. Symptoms of ME can range from low energy to extreme fatigue. As with any chronic condition, there is no cure for ME, but a cure exists. The disease is not curable, so it’s important to find a doctor who specializes in treating ME. You can contact your local clinic or online community. You can also search for a doctor by searching on the Internet.

There are numerous organizations that help those with ME. These organizations can provide support and medical care. For those with ME, it is important to find a doctor who can diagnose and treat the condition. The organizations listed below are very helpful for people with the disease and their families. The international patient network #MEAction is an organization that fights for health equity. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is a nonprofit disease organization that works to accelerate research and find a cure for the disorder.

In addition to helping patients with ME, organizations that support the condition can help them find the best medical care for the condition. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative has been formed to promote the cause of this disorder and to accelerate the development of treatments. It works with the scientific community, government agencies, and patient groups around the world to advance research in this disease. They are a vital resource for patients with ME and their families. They are also critical for the success of people living with the disease.