The Concept of Need

Need is a basic need. It is necessary for an organism to function well and live a long life. It is distinct from wants. A deficiency of need results in a clear and identifiable adverse outcome, such as death or dysfunction. A need is a requirement for living a healthy, stable life. On the other hand, a want is a desire that is not necessarily related to health. It can be an economic need.


The concept of need is not easily defined. Researchers have used different definitions of the term. A need is a requirement or a desire for something. For example, someone may have a need for a high-speed Internet connection. Another example is food and water. In other words, a need is a demand that can be satisfied. But it can be more difficult to define than a wish. Here are some examples. The definition of need varies depending on the context.

The concept of need has a rich history. Different groups of health professionals use different definitions to describe need. In the 1950s, academic research into needs was at its height. The term ‘need’ was first defined as the capacity to benefit from healthcare. This ability is assumed to exist when there is an effective treatment available. The need can be influenced by different factors, including sociological aspects and the efficiency of interventions. In some instances, it may be possible to identify a need by simply asking a person a question.

While it is important to understand the underlying principles of need assessment, there is still much confusion around the term. A need is a subjective state that is triggered by a situation, such as an illness or injury. Furthermore, a need is a ‘capacity to benefit from’ a health care intervention. In many cases, this is dependent upon several factors, including the patient’s socioeconomic status, and the prevalence of a disease or condition.

Identifying a need is important to improving healthcare services. For example, a need is a desire that is met by a particular product, service, or other item. A need can be a requirement that is met in order to achieve an objective. Some people will need more than one type of need to be able to function properly in their daily lives. If a need is not met, the desired object will not be achieved. Then, a need may not be a necessity, but rather a wish.

A need may be a physical or psychological condition that causes a person to seek medical help. For instance, a need might be a health problem that impedes a person’s ability to work, or a disease that prevents them from participating in life. For these reasons, a need can be a social requirement. It can be an emotional need. A need can be a medical need. It can be a social need. It can be a personal need.