What Is Love? What Is Agape? And What Does It Mean?

Love has several definitions. It may mean feeling affectionate for another person, or it can imply sexual attraction. We all love our spouses, our children, our parents, and our friends. But what exactly is love? And what are its different varieties? Let’s look at four examples. What is love? What is agape? And what does it mean? Here is a list of common uses of the word. It is also a synonym for friendship.


Erotic love is an intense, physical attraction based relationship. It often begins as an infatuation and develops into a romantic relationship over time. Passionate love, on the other hand, involves intense feelings of longing. The other person may be an idealized version of the self, and the other person may be constantly in the picture. Compassionate love is characterized by a commitment to the other person, trust, and affection.

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A deeper kind of love is agape, or unconditional, and can be expressed as a feeling of deep affection. Infatuation is a short-lived emotion based on physical attraction. It is often expressed in a relationship that is only temporary, but can grow into a loving one. It is the same with romance. Despite varying circumstances, agape love never fails to satisfy. This is the kind of love we should have for God.

Erotic love is the most extreme form of love. It’s characterized by physical attraction and intense intimacy, and it can happen early in a relationship. It can also grow into a lasting love. It’s often a sign of unrequited love. Those who practice passionate love don’t want their partners to be committed to them. Rather, they’re content with their relationships. However, there are other types of love.

There are many different kinds of love. Some people are more emotional than others. If you’re lusting for someone, you’re experiencing erotic love. This is the type of love where a person feels deeply for someone but doesn’t return the feeling. It can also be characterized by infatuation. The latter is the type of love that’s based on sexual attraction, which is the most common form of romantic love.

Infatuation is a form of love that involves intense physical attraction and sex, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a relationship is lasting. Rather, it is a way to explore the possibility of romantic love. This type of love can be a sign of infatuation. But the most common type of love is a strong, lifelong feeling that’s characterized by mutual commitment. The other kind, meanwhile, is characterized by passion.

Among the types of love, the most common is ludus. This style is defined as a strong attraction to a partner. It’s an attraction to someone who has a strong sense of identity is often a sign of love. For instance, you may be drawn to a person who has a lot of traits you share. You might even be more likely to feel attracted to them when you first meet. You might be able to detect this attraction if you notice that the person you’re talking to has a stammer when you try to walk away.