The Definition of Need

In biology, need is a biological requirement that is needed by an organism in order to survive. In human society, we also have social and societal needs. These requirements may be physical, psychological, or social, and can be classified into two basic types: objective and subjective. Objective needs are essential for survival and are tangible, such as food, shelter, and water. Subjective needs include feelings of safety and approval, which can be ephemeral, but are important nonetheless.


While some people disagree about the definition of need, it is generally agreed that it is both a need and a desire. A person needs food, water, and shelter. Without these essentials, he or she is in need. A need is not a wish, but rather an unmet necessity that a person feels they should have. However, some people claim that a person needs certain things more than another. Some people argue that the same basic need may be a need, such as music.

A person’s needs are very basic. The most basic human needs are food, water, and shelter. Without these, life becomes difficult. Regardless of what the person wants, they must meet their basic needs. The same is true for a need to be respected and cared for. This is why people are often in need. The more fundamental needs must be met before a person can be said to have a fulfilling life. But even if there is a great need for a product, the price tag will be higher.

There are several theories about the concept of need. The most common is the concept of a need, which refers to the need for food, water, and shelter. This is the most basic definition of need and is the most important in psychology. The most popular of these ideas is the Doyal/Gough Theory. These two concepts have some overlap but differ in their conceptualizations. These two schools of thought are very different from one another.

The definition of need varies according to culture and society. It has been referred to as a need, although it can also be defined as a desire. It can also be a necessity. The same concept is true for food, water, and shelter. These are the basic needs of every human being. They are the things we need in order to survive. So, a need is a desire that is insatiable. It is often expressed through a desire.

A need is a necessity. For example, a need is a desire that an individual has. These desires are usually expressed in the form of desires. For example, a need can be a desire for a fast Internet connection. It can be a desire for food, water, or shelter. It can be a need for a person’s well-being. The need can be a requirement in a particular category, and a need can be an expression of a desire.