The Three Types of Love


Despite being an extremely important aspect of our lives, love is a very subjective concept. There are many forms of love. Some may be fleeting while others may be permanent. In fact, many people may have a mixture of all three forms. In addition, love can be experienced both physically and emotionally.

Love is an intense feeling of attraction or closeness to another person. It can also be a feeling of protectiveness or admiration. It can also be a powerful negative emotion, such as hate. Love can also be a religious concept. For instance, many people use the term to describe their belief in God.

Love is also a very subjective concept, varying from person to person. It can be an emotional bond between friends and family members or even between gay men and women. Depending on the type of love that you have, it can take up a great deal of energy and can be stressful. A romantic relationship takes a great deal of effort, and the feelings can vary over time.

Love is one of the most studied emotions. Researchers have argued whether it is a biologically programmed emotion or simply an enacted emotion. In the last 75 years, psychologists have finally begun to study love as a distinct idea. In the early 1980s, psychologist Robert Sternberg developed the triangular theory of love. The theory suggests that intimacy, passion, and commitment are the three core components of love.

The triangular model of love was able to provide a framework for examining various types of love. These include the Eros style, which is based on physical attraction; the Storge style, which is based on trust and a deep emotional connection; and the Philia style, which is a selfless love.

The Eros style is probably the best known of the three styles, but it can also be the most difficult to explain. It involves physical attraction, sexual intimacy, and a strong desire to be physically near the person you love. It can also be characterized by a lack of commitment. People who are involved in an Eros-style relationship are likely to end it quickly.

The Philia style is less emotionally involved, but can still have a strong affect on your heart. This style is often described as brotherly love. It can also be considered sisterly love. In addition, this style of love is considered to be one of the more significant ones.

The best part about love is that it can be experienced in a variety of ways. For instance, you can love a person because of their intelligence or wit, or because they make you laugh. Love can also be a reason to forgive your partner for being late, or to dream about a promotion. It may also be the reason you have a great creative project in the works.

Love is also the reason you should take care of yourself. It can be a great incentive to go to the gym, cook healthy meals, or call a friend for support.