How Do You Feel When You’re in Love?


Love can be an overwhelming emotion, but it also can make us feel safe, happy and protected. Whether it’s an old couple holding hands or a person telling you they’ve lost weight, it’s one of the best things you can experience in life and it’s something that we all long to feel, according to new research.

True, lasting love is an act of choice, and the actions that you take determine how long it will last. If you’re committed to your partner, then you can work on communication and trust to improve your relationship. If you decide to stop arguing and start talking about your feelings, you’ll strengthen your bond, notes Elizabeth Earnshaw, a licensed marriage and family therapist from Philadelphia.

When you’re in love, you have the hope that there will be someone out there who shares your vision of happiness and can provide you with the support that you need. Having that kind of confidence in your future is what makes you a romantic.

You can feel this type of love when you meet your soulmate or when your parents, siblings, or other significant people show their love for you and tell you that they believe in you. When you love someone, you have an unwavering commitment to them and you are ready to do anything for them.

A study of 3,000 people found that being told they’re loved is one of the top factors for a good night’s sleep, reports The Daily Express. A person who feels loved will be more likely to sleep well and stay healthy.

In the same way, a person who is loved is less likely to worry about the state of their health or their finances. They’re more likely to be a good friend, be generous with their time and give of themselves to others.

The other thing that makes you feel loved is when you get a surprise gift or when someone you care about does something for you. These moments are what make you genuinely happy, says Sarah.

Those who are in love have feelings of passion, lust and obsession for their romantic partners. They may miss them when they’re not around, or find it difficult to concentrate on other tasks.

While a person is in love, they can be overly idealistic and have a hard time assessing their partner’s flaws. They can even think that they’re perfect for each other, which is why you may hear the phrase “love is blind.”

A lot of research suggests that if two people are in love, they will often experience a cycle of intense, passionate relationships that can come and go, says Sarah. This can be painful or traumatic, but it’s also normal and is part of the natural process of human relationships.

In the meantime, if you’re in a relationship and are struggling, speak with a mental health professional. These professionals can help you understand the reasons why you might be feeling this way and provide you with the skills to overcome it.