Using Power Words When Answering the Question “Who Are You?”


You may think that you are stuck with your personality, but in reality you have more control over the “persona” you show to the world than you might think. The Latin term persona means “mask,” and your mask can be changed to reflect a more positive version of yourself. Choosing the right words to describe yourself can help you to do just that. This is especially true when interviewers ask you to tell them more about yourself.

When answering this question, try to avoid using adjectives that are too general or common. These may come across as clich├ęd and not genuine enough to make an impact. Instead, use power words that fit your unique qualities and those that also aptly describe the role you are interviewing for.

Examples of powerful words include:

Learner, improvement-focused, resilient, resourceful

Employers want to hire candidates who are committed to learning and developing themselves over time. They are interested in hiring people who will grow and improve their organizations as well as their careers. During your interviews, you should focus on how you have demonstrated this trait in the past. To do so, give specific examples such as how you were able to adapt to changing conditions or how you have shown resilience in difficult situations. This will demonstrate that you are not only dedicated to your current role, but also invested in the future of the company. This is what will impress interviewers. They will be confident that you will be a strong asset to their organization in the future. Also, it shows that you are a self-starter and have the motivation to achieve success. This is something that all organizations are looking for.