How to Positively Define Yourself

The words you use to describe yourself can have a powerful impact on the impression others make of you. When you’re making a new connection, whether it’s a potential employer or business acquaintance, be sure to highlight your best qualities in a way that will leave them with a positive image of you.

Using power adjectives is an effective approach to positively describing yourself. For example, if the job you’re interviewing for requires teamwork, describe yourself as a highly collaborative and a self-determined person who can get things done. In addition, using terms like “results-driven” and “dependable” can also help to set you apart from the competition.

It’s also a good idea to ask peers and supervisors how they would describe you in a professional capacity, and then consider their answers when choosing your own words. You can also seek out feedback from people who know you well personally, such as friends and family members, to get a more complete picture of your strengths.

Remember, your personality isn’t an unchangeable, permanent part of who you are — it’s more like a mask you wear to interact with the world. By selecting positive words that best reflect your true character and skills, you can influence the way others see you. Just don’t overdo it; excessively positive language can be seen as braggadocio or egotistical. And overly negative language can be seen as insecure or defensive. The ideal is a balanced, positive perspective that’s reflected in your actions and tone of voice.