Why Your Friends and Family Love You So Much

The way you talk about your love life, the work you do or even that oh-so-perfect sunrise photo shows how much passion you have for everything. You are a very dedicated person, which is one of the reasons why your friends and family love you so much. You also know how to put a positive spin on anything, which is another reason why people love you. You can make anyone smile with your witty jokes or embarrassing stories, and you have the ability to see things others don’t.

You have a deep, unchanging love for your friends and family. You will always be there to support them, no matter what, and you are able to listen to their concerns without judgment. You can even hear them cry and still tell them how much you love them, which is a true sign of true friendship.

Your kindness is so unwavering that you would go out of your way to help a stranger, and you don’t think twice about it. You are a true humanitarian, and you are someone who everyone looks up to. Your compassion and love for others is infectious, and it’s no wonder your friends and family adore you so much.

The show “You” first aired on Lifetime in 2018, and then it was picked up by Netflix for its second season, which debuted in December 2019. The series follows bookstore manager Joe Goldberg as he stalks and obsesses over graduate-school student Guinevere Beck. Joe is a very likable character, but his actions and behavior can be unsettling and dangerous at times.

You are a great cook, and you’re very talented when it comes to baking, too. You have a knack for bringing joy and happiness into other people’s lives with the food you prepare for them. Your friends and family will tell you how much they enjoy your cooking and baking skills, and they will always be there to celebrate with you when something special happens. You are a very talented and generous person, and you will always be cherished by those who know you.