How to Answer the Question, “What Makes You Unique?”

In a job interview, it’s common for employers to ask applicants the question, “What makes you unique?” Employers want to know what qualities distinguish you from other candidates. Answering this question can be difficult, but thoughtfully articulating your strengths and qualities can help you stand out from the competition.

A candidate can answer the question by talking about his or her accomplishments, skills, and values. A candidate can also discuss his or her goals and interests, focusing on those that are relevant to the position. It is important to focus on describing traits that are pertinent to the position, since different positions have distinct requirements and qualifications.

For example, a candidate can talk about his or her ability to work well under pressure and in challenging circumstances, or a candidate can talk about the experience of being in leadership roles. This can set the candidate apart from other applicants, because it shows that the applicant has the ability to work under stress and in challenging situations.

Other examples that can be used to highlight a candidate’s unique qualities include being results-driven, dependable, and organized. These traits are very important to employers, as they show that a candidate can deliver on expectations and work consistently to achieve results.

Employers can also look for candidates who are passionate about their work and have a long-term vision and goals in mind. They can tell from the way an applicant answers this question whether or not he or she is committed to the company and its future success, which is something that they are looking for in their next hire.

One common mistake that candidates make when answering this question is sharing personal details that are not relevant to the position. For example, a candidate should not discuss their love of painting or their favorite foods when being interviewed for a role in the IT department.

Another mistake that many candidates make when answering this question is using a list of adjectives, rather than giving concrete examples of their unique qualities. For example, instead of saying that you are hard-working, a candidate should share an instance where they went above and beyond their responsibilities to achieve a result.

Having a strong understanding of the company and the role can help an applicant prepare to answer this question. A candidate can review the company’s website and LinkedIn page to gain more insight into its culture and what types of employees it values. A candidate can then use this information to develop a response that will highlight how his or her unique qualities are a good fit for the company and the position. The more specific and detailed the answer, the better it will be. This can help an applicant stand out from the competition and increase his or her chances of landing the job.