Four Traits of Romantic Love and How They Affect You


Four Traits of Romantic Love and How They Affect You

Love is the feeling that comes to the mind when we consider another person as “mine”. It is the devotion we feel for another that transcends our own comprehension. Love encompasses an array of positive and strong emotions, from the highest romantic virtue to the purest human passion, the purest form of physical affection, to the easiest pleasures. It is the ability to give and receive love that enables us to feel complete and with others.

One of the strongest emotions felt in relationships is love; however, its quality time is often overlooked. It is this quality time between meeting someone new and falling deeply in love, that helps to ensure that the relationship grows, blossom and lasts. Love means giving, so it makes sense that intimacy should be given priority too. When love is given the priority it deserves by sharing time together, then growth and quality time will occur naturally.

Another quality time that can make a relationship grow is intense closeness. Intense closeness is different to being friendly and chatting with different people. Intense closeness is more intimate than friendly chatting. People who have incredible amounts of intense closeness are often those who feel like they are meant to be with each other forever, because their connection and closeness feels real and authentic.

Physical intimacy is often forgotten in a relationship, which is unfortunate because physical closeness is a very important component to building long lasting relationships. Physical intimacy is not something that most couples enjoy doing together, but doing it on a regular basis provides both individuals with the boost of feeling close and intimate. When you add physical intimacy to your relationship, you are creating an environment of love and togetherness that will transcend all of the differences and challenges in your relationship.

Lastly, the fourth quality of love, affection, is the one trait that is often hardest to do. While it is important that you spend quality time together, when the heat starts to get too hot, it can be difficult to hold onto affection. This happens when you are always thinking about the other person or your partner and spending too much time thinking about them. The good news is that if you keep your focus where it belongs-with yourself-in spite of how you’re feeling, you will find that you will fall in love with your partner. The bond of affection is one of the most powerful and sustaining of all the positive emotions a couple can experience.

Our brain regions are highly evolved for romantic love and passionate love. These emotional states have been shown to be positively impacted by the amount of brain activity generated during periods of romance. Scientists have identified several areas of the brain that are particularly active during romantic love. If you want to experience these same feelings and release the negative thoughts associated with them, learning Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you learn how to turn your negative feelings into loving and passionate feelings.