Understanding the Different Types of Love

True love is an unconditional feeling for a person, without any conditions. You don’t want to change your partner in order to make them perfect, but you can accept their flaws and still love them. If you are truly in touch with your partner, you can share your worries and your hopes with them. Regardless of the situation, you can trust that your partner will support you in every way. Even if you have your own shortcomings, you should embrace them and be there for each other.


The two primary types of love are erotic and storge. Erotic love places the emphasis on physical attraction and intense intimacy, but it can also involve game-playing and emotional distance. In addition, erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and often feel comfortable ending a relationship. The more mature, and stable, storge type of love emphasizes similar interests, open affection, and respect. People who practice storge love are not needy or reliant on others, and they are not as likely to end relationships early.

Erotic love is a more physical form of love. It focuses on intense intimacy and sexual attraction. However, this type of love is not based on commitment and often requires the partner to be physically attractive in order to stay in a relationship. Those who practice erotic-style love are likely to break up soon, as they find it hard to commit. Alternatively, storge-styled love is more serious and mature, and is based on a shared interest.

Erotic love, on the other hand, focuses on intense attraction and sexual intercourse without any emotional attachment. Usually, it happens early in a relationship, but it can lead to a lasting relationship. Passionate love, on the other hand, involves a more intimate relationship. In this type of love, you feel a strong connection to the person. The person you’re in a passionate love relationship is idealized in your mind. You want to be physically close to them all the time, and it’s important to feel the physical connection.

There are various types of love. In the first stage, infatuation is characterized by intense feelings of attraction without any commitment. This type of love may lead to a long-term relationship. Its opposite, storge love is characterized by a mutual need for intimacy. If you’re passionate about someone, you’ll probably feel intense emotions towards them. It might be a matter of your physical attraction or your deep commitment.

While it is important to feel love for the other person, you must also remember that this is not an option. In a relationship, love should be mutual. You should make sure that the other person is a good match for you. If you don’t, the relationship will end. Your partner will most likely never feel love for you, and vice versa. You should never force love onto someone because you don’t want to hurt them.