How Do We Define Love?

The words love and unrequited love are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. The latter is a feeling that is ascribed to a person, while the former is an emotion. To understand the difference, you must first understand what love really is. Ultimately, it is a deep affection that aims to make another person happy and successful. But how do we define love? Here are some things you should know.


The most basic definition of love is the feeling of warm, personal attachment to another person. This emotion is expressed through romantic or platonic relationships, and is sometimes accompanied by arousal, such as a soaring heart rate. This definition is most commonly associated with romantic or sexual relationships. People who share erotic love often feel little commitment and are comfortable ending their relationship. In contrast, storge lovers are more mature and are usually committed to their partners and don’t depend on other people.

In Greek, the word love has several senses. The Ancient Greeks referred to four types of love, and modern writers have distinguished many more. While this is common in other languages, the word is very difficult to differentiate between different meanings. In the Bible, the verb agapo (love) has the same meaning as the word phileo, which means “love” in Greek. Thus, the meaning of the word “love” in Greek can vary greatly, especially if it has a complex history.

The word “agape” is a Greek term that describes love as a deep personal attachment. This kind of love is unconditional and never diminishes due to a person’s actions. It is also a universal type of love that is common among parents. This kind of love is expressed through the bond between a parent and their child. As such, it is common for parents to express unrequited love to their children. It means they are completely in love with their children.

In Greek, love is the feeling of warmth and deep affection for an object or person. It is an expression of a person’s feelings and emotions, and can be expressed in different ways. However, love is not just a relationship between two people. It can be the foundation for a marriage or an individual’s life. When you fall in the arms of your loved one, you’re infected with passion. The passion for a child is the essence of their parents.

The most common form of love is erotic love. This type of love focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. It often involves game-playing and is not sustainable. Erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and feel free to end relationships. Storage love is more mature and engrossing, involving a mutual interest and open affection. Its advocates are usually open-minded and non-dependent and may feel passionately attracted to their partners.