The Definition of Love


Love is the intense, deep emotional attachment between two people. It can take many forms. Some of these include awe, lust, and intimacy. Although love is often portrayed as a positive emotion, it can also be a source of great pain. When a person is in love, it is important for them to remain open to new experiences. They may feel pressure to go along with their partner’s interests, but they are still in a position to choose. If you are in a relationship that is going through a hard time, it is a good idea to contact a therapist. This will help you save the relationship, rather than simply destroying it.

Researchers have found that oxytocin, a chemical released during sexual activity, plays a role in love. People with high levels of oxytocin are usually introspective, and have a strong sense of trust and social bonding. During a romantic relationship, the hormone oxytocin creates a strong desire to stay with the other person. Those who experience deep love typically also have sexual desires for the other person. In fact, those with a testosterone-dominant personality are most likely to be drawn to partners who have higher levels of estrogen.

Love is a universal human emotion, but it is not the same for all. A person’s definition of love influences their behavior when in love. For example, a person who has a close friendship may have a different definition of love than someone who has a long-term committed relationship.

Although there is no single definite definition for love, researchers have identified several types. These are grouped into categories of “compassionate love,” “intimate love,” and “passionate love.” Each category is characterized by different aspects of the relationship.

Compassionate love is marked by acts of kindness and a strong sense of intimacy. A person who is in a relationship with a loved one can feel a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy. A person in this type of relationship will usually be very close to the other person and will be willing to do anything to help them. Similarly, those in a romantic relationship will usually have powerful feelings of dedication and a deep need to protect the other person.

Interestingly, both passionate and companionate love are experienced by asexuals. Among asexuals, affection is not often accompanied by the physiological arousal that is associated with romantic love.

While there is no absolute definition of love, some researchers believe that it is a basic human emotion, a feeling that all humans experience. Others believe that love is a cultural phenomenon. However, love is an extremely complex emotion, and scientists are struggling to come up with a better definition.

Whether you are in a long-term committed relationship or a friendship, the key to finding love is to keep an open mind. Regardless of whether you are in a healthy relationship or in the middle of a divorce, it is a good idea to get help.