7 Ways to Answer the Question, “Who Are You?”

You’re a passionate person, and you’ve got the energy to match. You’re also a creative spirit, and your curiosity leads you to learn about all the things that interest you. You prioritize active listening, so people who confide in you know they’re being heard and respected. You’re not afraid to speak up for what you believe in, but you do it without judging others for their choices.

You want to help other people feel at peace, and you’re good at it. You have a strong work ethic, and you strive to reach your goals no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. You also have a solid understanding of money, and you’re good at making your hard-earned dollars go far.

Your ability to forgive those who hurt you is one of your best qualities. You’d rather reconcile and be at peace than punish yourself by holding on to a grudge. You’re not afraid to express your true feelings, even if it may cost you something in the process. You’re a loyal friend who never fails to come through for those you love.

Your sensitivity makes it easy for you to connect with other people. You can read the emotions of those around you and are always looking for ways to be helpful. You respect those with different viewpoints, and you’re open to learning new things all the time.

While it may be hard for others to understand your passions, you find solace in them. They inspire you to keep pushing yourself and reaching for your goals. It’s a trait that has served you well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

When you’re at your lowest, you know how to pick yourself back up and get back in the game. You’ve learned how to be a better person and have grown through your struggles. You’re proud of the person you are today, and you’re living a story that no one else can live — your own.

The seventh way to answer “Who are you?” is based on your values. You have a set of values that guide your actions and decisions, and they’re what make you unique. These values can include honesty, compassion, and love. Choosing to live by your values is one of the most important things you can do to define yourself. It’s the key to a happy and fulfilling life.