Choosing the Right Words to Define Yourself

Whether you’re describing yourself on a dating profile or answering interview questions about yourself, finding the right words to describe your qualities can be difficult. You want to be memorable, but you don’t want to come across as braggy or weird. Plus, using too many adjectives can make your description seem like a thesaurus list.

Choosing the right words to describe yourself is especially important when answering the interview question, “How would your friends describe you?” The hiring manager wants to get an idea of your soft skills and personality traits. However, it’s also important to be professional and relate your positive personality traits to the job description.

Use the STAR technique when answering this question. Start with a Situation or Task, then describe the Action you took to achieve a successful outcome. Then, conclude by stating the Result. This will help you highlight specific examples of your abilities and provide a more meaningful and honest answer to the interviewer’s question.


Employers are looking for someone who will be able to drive results in the workplace. They want to know that you are a hard worker and are committed to the role. Talk about the ways you are a driven individual and the outcomes you’ve achieved in previous roles.

Resilient and resourceful

These are key skills that are needed in today’s fast-changing business environment. The hiring manager wants to know that you will be able to adapt and thrive as the work climate changes. Describe the ways you’ve been resilient and flexible in previous roles.

Committed and future-focused

Companies are looking for employees who will be dedicated to the company and its long-term success. Talk about the ways this position and organization excites you and piques your interest.