What is a Need?

A need is a physiological or psychological requirement for the survival of an organism. It can range from basic needs like food, water and shelter to emotional needs such as love and connection. It also includes physical and social needs such as exercise, rest and social interaction.

The word need is closely related to the words want, desire and demand. However, need implies a lack or shortcoming that must be filled while want and desire are more about satisfying a wish or ambition. The distinction is important because the concept of need can be more emotional and less tangible than wants and desires.

Despite the many definitions of need, most agree that it is something necessary for survival and well-being. The word need has also been used to describe a desire or wish that cannot be fulfilled, such as the desire for love. The term need is often associated with a hierarchy of needs proposed by psychologist Abraham Maslow. He argued that human motivations are not purely biological or homeostatic, but can include needs for self-actualization, belonging and power.


There are several rules about articles (a, an and the) in English. The most basic rule is that the definite article the is only used when the listener or reader does not know which specific noun you are talking about. The indefinite article a/an is used with countable nouns, such as letters and bicycles, but not with non-countable nouns like love and rain. For example, you would say “I need a letter” but not “I need a bicycle”.

Once you have identified the personal needs that you have it is possible to create and execute plans to meet them. For instance, if you have a need for learning a new skill you can take classes or read books to fulfill this need. If your need is for creativity you can take steps to express yourself creatively by writing a book or painting.

In addition to creating a plan for meeting your needs, it is helpful to identify what your strengths are and how they can be used to fulfil your needs. This way you can make the most of your abilities while also being able to contribute to society in some way.

If you have a need to write an article, it is important to use reliable and independent sources. This will help to avoid biased opinions and ensure that your facts are correct. If you are unsure of whether a source is reliable, you can check the quality of the source by visiting WP:RSP. You should also avoid adding many citations from unreliable sources as this will delay the review process. If you are unable to find any good sources on your topic, try starting with more general sources like books and news archives, before moving onto websites and blogs. Finally, if you can, try to find sources written in English as this will make it easier for the reviewer to check them.