What Makes You So Special?

You are curious about all the little things that make life work, and you’re willing to learn how to do it all. You take the time to get to know others and prioritize active listening, so people who confide in you feel safe and cared for. Your strength in both body and mind gives you the ability to move through challenging times with grace and ease.

You have a sense of humor that keeps you laughing through even the most difficult situations. You can see the best in other people, and you love bringing them joy and cheer. You also have a knack for giving advice, and your friends trust you to help them through difficult times.

You are a giver who freely shares your time, talent and resources without expecting anything in return. You often empathize with others, feeling some of what they feel. You’re a compassionate person who always finds the positive side of any situation, even when it may not seem possible.

While you don’t like being stuck in a rut, your strong drive and determination keep you moving toward your goals. You enjoy the challenge of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and are proud of your abilities to overcome setbacks. When you see a challenge as a chance to grow and develop your wings, you jump right in with both feet.

Your openness to different viewpoints allows you to easily empathize with others. You can relate to the good and bad in any situation, and you aren’t afraid to step into someone else’s shoes. You understand that everyone has their own journey to make, and you respect the choice of anyone who decides to walk down a certain path.

You have a natural ability to find beauty in everything, and you are a creative and passionate artist. You love to paint, write, or create, and you use your gifts to bring joy to the world around you. You’re also a great listener and have the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes, which makes you an effective counselor.

Your willingness to try new things and your openness to learn are just some of the many reasons that your friends and family adore you. You are an inspiring person who brings a smile to their faces, and they show their appreciation with handwritten letters, emails or phone calls. Taking the time to show your friends and loved ones how much you value them is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.