What Is Need?


Need is a verb that describes a situation in which something is necessary, wanted, or both. Humans, for example, have needs for food, water, and shelter. When these things are in short supply, they are in need. Similarly, businesses have needs to meet goals and produce certain end results. As such, the word need has a variety of definitions.

First, decide what you need and what you want. After you have narrowed down your list, you can create a budget and assign dollar amounts to each need and want. You can then use the remaining funds for wants. Make sure that you make your list as short and as simple as possible. Once you have the list, you can decide on a monthly budget and use the remaining money to fulfill your needs.

Another option for students is to apply for merit-based aid. Merit-based aid, unlike need-based aid, is awarded based on a student’s performance and not on his or her financial need. This type of aid is most common in the form of scholarships. Scholarship committees will consider a student’s grades, standardized test scores, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Some scholarships have conditions, such as a minimum GPA, so it is important to know what the requirements are before applying.