You – A Review of the Book and TV Series “You”


You is a plural or singular word that is used to refer to another person. In Modern English, the second-person pronoun you takes the nominative case, and is always followed by a verb. You is often used to refer to an indeterminate person, and is the most common alternative to using the formal indefinite pronoun one. In addition to its plural form, you is also considered a second person for agreement purposes.

“You” premiered on the Lifetime network, and is now available on Netflix. The show follows a bookstore manager, Joe, as he pursues the graduate-school student Guinevere Beck. But his obsessive behavior soon grows dangerous. In addition to the twisted plot, the show explores how easy it is to invade someone’s privacy.

You should also be aware of homophones, words with similar sound but different spellings. These words often confuse English online listening learners, and even native English speakers. For instance, you’re and yore are both contractions of the word “you.” As such, it’s advisable to use you’re instead of yore when you are writing documents and talking with your co-workers.

The book is about an aspiring bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg who has an obsession with a graduate-school student named Guinevere Beck. This obsession begins with a chance encounter and turns into a dangerous situation. Originally published in 2015, “You” has since been made into a film and TV series. In addition, it has a sequel, “Hidden Bodies.”