What Is Need?


Need is a word often used in everyday speech, but it’s also a concept that has been studied and researched in a variety of fields. In philosophy, biology, psychology, sociology, economics and politics, need has been the subject of many different theories.

The need for something is a basic human requirement for survival. It may be physical, mental or emotional. Needs are essential to an individual’s well-being, and without them, they cannot function properly in society.

Generally, people are aware of their basic needs, such as food and shelter. However, there are other more complex needs that need to be met, such as safety, love and self-esteem. Psychologists have categorized these as psychological, or emotional, needs. In addition, they have grouped these into lower and higher level needs, with lower-level needs being more important than the higher-level ones.

According to Maslow’s theory of need, a person must meet his basic physiological needs before he can begin to fulfill his psychological or emotional needs. When a person’s needs are not met, it can cause him to become sick and eventually die. In the field of business and finance, the need for something is often considered when evaluating potential investments. For example, if a company wants to expand, they must first ensure that they have the financial resources necessary for growth.

In addition to being a necessary condition for survival, the need also exists in the context of social relationships and as a motivational drive. For example, someone may feel a need to be loved, which can lead to emotional problems and addictions. Depending on the nature of the need, it can be addressed by therapy or medication.

The word need is a semi-modal verb, meaning that it acts in some ways like a modal verb and in others like a main verb. In English, it is almost always followed by a present participle, as in The car needs washing. It can also be used with past participles, but this is less common in some areas of the United States.

Moreover, the need is commonly used in idiomatic expressions like have to, must and ought to. It can also be used to form contractions, such as don’t need and can’t need.

The word need has also been used in the context of health care, where it is a key term for assessing a patient’s eligibility for medical services. In the US, the term is regulated by federal law, which defines what health care needs are and how they’re assessed. The term is often confused with want, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two terms. While a need is an objective determination of what treatment is appropriate for a given patient, wants are often subjective judgments. This is because the need is based on what the patient perceives as appropriate, while want is a judgment at societal level. In this regard, health care needs are based on a person’s cultural norms and beliefs, as well as his or her ability to benefit from treatment.