Understanding the Different Components of Love


Understanding the Different Components of Love

Love is an emotion that permeates the world. You can feel it in your home, in the park, and even in the air you breathe. This universal emotion is the reason love is known as the “greatest good.” However, love is a tricky concept to define because it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is. When you finally understand the different components of love then you can understand how to love more effectively.

Love encompasses a wide variety of positive and powerful emotional states, from the deepest personal virtue or vice, to the greatest imaginable pleasure, or just the best day ever. However, the two components that make up love are opposite in nature; whereas, lust is based on lust, love is often based on love. Lust is based on lust, and is just that – desire. However, love is a feeling that emanate out of love, and the two feel as one but unlike lust which can last for just a short time, love lasts a lifetime. Therefore, one can not be “loved” and at the same time be “loved.”

As mentioned earlier, love includes strong feelings, and these feelings must be allowed to flourish. Love is just a feeling, if one does not allow it to grow, develop and thrive. Strong feelings in a relationship are sometimes known as a possessive feeling. Possessive feelings are those intense emotions that when one has them, they force the other person to feel them and experience them as well.

Another component of love that must be nurtured is romance. Romance allows two people to experience the attraction with each other. Just like strong feelings in a relationship, romance allows two people to spend time together. Although this is one of the components of romantic love that can last only a short period of time, romance allows for two people to spend time together forming a deep and meaningful relationship.

Lastly, love may also be understood through humor. Humor helps us laugh and gets us through tough times. In a relationship, love may be defined through humor, as two people who love each other find ways to lighten the mood between them and to make the day more enjoyable. There is an old saying that says, “The heart wants what the mind wants.” This may simply mean that the more you let love dictate your relationship, the healthier you will be.

Lastly, love may also be defined through other forms of emotional bonding. Emotional bonding is especially important in a relationship. Love forms love relationships, and affection is the glue that keeps the relationship strong and continues to grow.