How To Use The “What Are You Up To” Question To Improve Yourself And Your Workplace Performance

If you love to ask what are you doing; the best way to answer is in Spanish. It s a very important conjugation of the word que and it s literally means “to do/to make”. Want to become more specific?


I follow-up question, What are you doing with your life? It means that I am asking you the question how you are accomplishing your life. You may reply that you are very busy but the real meaning is how you are managing your time (how you spend it). In this case, my advice would be to simply say I’m very happy that you asked that question and you are doing something important in your life.

What are you passionate about? I think almost every single person wants to find out that his or her potential employers are really passionate about their careers. However, most of them just cannot put their finger on what it is they are passionate about. In this case, I would recommend you to ask questions like:

What are you busy doing? – This simple but important question can give you an idea of what exactly you are doing with your time. It also tells you what your potential employers are expecting you to do. You need to show your prospective employer that you have a clear understanding of your own career goals, and you are actively working to meet your current goals as well.

What are you reading? – One of the most common mistakes committed by people during an interview is answering questions like “why are you reading this book?” or “where did you read it?” I believe these two examples illustrate the importance of asking questions like what are you reading?

How are you dressed? – Last but not least, your appearance can send a lot of messages about you. It is essential for you to present perfect appearance if you want to land the job. However, dressing nicely is not necessary for you to land the job; you need to remember the one key thing that you should always keep in mind: you are a message receiver and you need to send the right message!

Do you keep getting distracted? – It is a fact that many people tend to become distracted when they are engaged in a conversation. However, it is a fact that some people tend to get distracted when they are not engaged in a conversation. As such, you need to learn how to effectively handle your own conversation and maintain your focus when you find yourself in the middle of a sea of chaos and you don’t have the time to spare in order to answer the question what are you up to.

As you can see, the main purpose of the “what are you up to” question is to ask you to reflect on your own behavior in a particular area of your life in order to gain insight as to what you need to improve upon, change or avoid. When you successfully finish this exercise, your employer will know that you are a strong message receiver who are able to organize your time, take initiative and focus on the important aspects of the job. If you are able to successfully answer the question what are you up to, you will be more likely to enjoy the work that you do and you will increase the amount of output that you can provide for your team. If you want to know more about how you can effectively use this conversation to improve yourself and your performance at work, please click here.